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The aim of Buy Music Club is simple - it's right in the name. We don't just casually stream music; we buy it, and we know that many people out there - DJs and dance music fans in particular - do the same. Our scene is rooted in a community of independent artists and record labels, and since Bandcamp is currently one of the most equitable music vendors online, discovering and purchasing music there is one of the most effective (not to mention easiest) ways to directly support that community.

With Buy Music Club, we seek to make that process even easier by enabling users to create and share lists of their favorite music. It's a simple idea, and the lists take many forms, but at the end of the day, they help spread the word about the music people care about; more importantly, we also hope they inspire people to buy that music and put some money in the pockets of the artists who made it in the first place.

In a healthy community of self-sustaining artists, labels and fans, we all win.


Do you make money from Buy Music Club?
No, we do not make any money from any sales on Bandcamp through Buy Music Club lists. There's no affiliate link program and we don't have any investor funding. For the most part, we've been able to keep the lights on from the proceeds of a fundraising rent party we threw in LA last November.

Are you affiliated with Bandcamp?
No, we're not directly affiliated with Bandcamp.

Is BMC free? Will you charge money at some point in the future?
Yes, using the site is free and always will be.

How can my list be featured on the homepage?
Please don't contact us to solicit list placement on the homepage. We periodically swap out our featured lists, and keep an eye on newly created ones for interesting topics and varied points of view.

I have a great idea for a feature!
We dream big, but for now we're a small team doing this in our spare time. We already have a long list of wonderful new features planned for you, but if you have an idea for us to consider, we'd still love to hear from you. Please send your detailed request to


Buy Music Club is a web app currently that's being currently developed and managed by Avalon Emerson, Jason Fellows and Shawn Reynaldo with a little help from our friends.

There will be bugs. Help us iron them out by sending an email when you find one: