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Utuba, Amma, Wuub & Orbi: A Journey Through the Ambient '90s

A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Realms Beyond The Ultraworld

My friends and I came of age during the ambient electronic golden age (not that we understood that at the time, as we were also quite busy with the golden age of grunge). Many, many, many wasted nights and mornings in Central Texas were soundtracked by the likes of Aphex Twin's SAWII, The Orb Live 93, and its ancillaries: Orbital, Sun Electric, Autechre, em:t stuff and what have you. Nostalgia has never really been my modus operandi, but recent reissues have really opened up this particular era for me and I find these early ambient electronic forays to be quite charming and still psychoactive in their own way. As I pull together an upcoming feature for Bandcamp focusing on this era, I decided to chart my own little comet through this galaxy. Enjoy.

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