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chromasy w/ Mira Calix - Balamii // March 2021

Award winning composer and Warp Records artist joins the show for a guest mix!


This months show has a theme of Change.

The first hour sees myself winding out of this final seasonal cold snap into slightly warmer tunes.
A journey from downtempo ambience through to offbeat driven selections.

Mira Calix takes over the second half of the show with a genre hopping guest mix titled:
To Stay Changed Forever.

Hope the show bought you some solace.

Thanks again to Mira Calix!
Really honoured to have had her on and deliver a vibrant and contemplative hour.

You can keep up to date via:

Once restrictions are eased - look out for the re-opening of Mimosa House - where Mira Calix is part of the Syncopes exhibition.

I'll be back again next month, with another guest... !


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