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chromasy: Yuri Suzuki Takeover - Balamii // February 2022

Sound artist, designer & electronic musician Yuri Suzuki takes over the show


This month sees the shows first ever full takeover, where I hand over the reigns to the incredible Yuri Suzuki. Treating us to a full 2-hour all-vinyl mix that traverses through early acid house and varying techno and electronic gems. Expect to hear music from 1981 - all the way up to present day...

Yuri is prolific in vast amount of projects he is involved in, be it based around interaction, sound or design - if not all the above at once. For those unfamiliar with Yuri, I think it would just be best to send you to his website:

Here you will find both his individual works as an artist and his collobrative works within his design studio. Projects that may be of particular highlight to show listeners are:
EZ Record Maker
Synth Play
The Global Synthesizer Project
The Visitor (Jeff Mills)

Don't let that limit you though, deep-dive and check out his releases also on discogs to get a sense of their audio works also.

I think it is fair to say Yuri Suzuki is a very interesting person, so it was great to invite them on and have them take us on a wonderful journey in this mix.

I did my best to track down what was available on Bandcamp, but as expected quite a few are missing from this months list...

Full tracklisting:

?? - ??
Disco D - 123 BPM [Alleviated Records] (1986)
Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass [Public] (1988)
Steve Julien ft. Funkineven - Begins [Apron] (2016)
Robert Armani - Armani Track (P.J. Remake) [Dance Mania] (2013)
Instra:mental – Pyramid [3024] (2011)
Adonis - No Way Back (Instrumental) [Trax] (1987)
Yuri Suzuki - Intensive Washing [Accidental Jnr] (2021)
DJ SODEYAMA - Higher (Soichi Terada Remix) [Sound Of Vast] (2016)
Kink and Neville Watson - Inside Out [Hour House Is Your Rush Records] (2008)
Mr. Fingers - I’m Strong [Alleviated Records] (1987)
Dirty Criminals - Acid Box [International Deejay Gigolo Records] (2006)
DMX Krew - Bass Drop [Turbo] (2008)
White Knight – It Could Be Acid [Still Music, Sunset Records Inc.] (2013)
Elbee Bad - The Music Is Kicking [Rush Hour] (2012)
Alan Braxe - Vertigo (Thomas Bangalter Virgo Mix) [Roulé] (1997)
Lil Louis - French Kiss [Diamond Records] (1989)
Tyree - Acid Crash [Not On Label] (1990)
Felix Da Housecat - Control Freaq [Large-IT Productions] (2001)
The Deacon - Soulsaver [Underground Resistance] (1998)
Unit 2 - Sunshine (KinK Remix) [Running Back] (2016)
DJ Hell - My Definition Of House Music [R&S Records] (1992)
Atwil - Erotic Pain [International Deejay Gigolo Records] (2000)
Soichi Terada - ?? [??] (??)
Xosar - The Calling [Rush Hour] (2013)
Aphex Twin - Ptolemy [Apollo] (1992)
Rich Lee - Guerrilla Warfare [R&S Records] (1993)
Ata Kak - Yemmpa Aba [Awesome Tapes From Africa] (2015)
Dirty Criminals - Malfunktion [International Deejay Gigolo Records] (2004)
Jeff Mills - In The Bush [Axis] (1995)
Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Niños Del Parque [Roadrunner Records] (1981)
A Number Of Names - Sharevari [Capriccio Records] (1981)

  • cover art
    Steven Julien -
    Apron Records
  • cover art
    Yuri Suzuki -
    Intensive Washing
  • cover art
    The People In Fog -
    Higher (Soichi Terada Remix)
  • cover art
    DMX Krew -
    Bass Drop
    Turbo Recordings
  • cover art
    White Knight -
    It Could Be Acid
  • cover art
    Unit 2 -
    Sunshine (Kink Remix)
  • cover art
    Aphex Twin -
  • cover art
    Ata Kak -
    Yemmpa Aba
    Awesome Tapes From Africa
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