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Hoorcollege w/ upsammy & Luke Cohlen (22.04.2021)


All tracks played by Luke Cohlen and upsammy during EKKO's Hoorcollege event at De Nijverheid, april 22nd 2021.

Light wavy sounds to heavy bass stompers - moderated by Lisa "LaToya" Molle, Luke Cohlen and Thessa Torsing (aka upsammy) created their own chain of musical immersion at EKKO's Hoorcollege last april. Maxing up the bass-heavy sound system at De Nijverheid track by track, Luke's stories and journeys start with recent favorites and 90s artpunk. Along the way we hear Thessa's own guitar-based project and new EP, after which the duo delves into a shared passion for early dubstep. Closing off with a gushing whirlwind of polyrhythmic IDM, the selectors leave a small audience full of local club heads even more eager to get off their seats and dance. The 17 records played at this night made for an energizing but restrained micro-clubbing experience, in which a small group of people was finally able to reconnect through (live) music, lacking the element of physical catharsis.

5 out of 17 tracks are not available on Bandcamp:

Luke Cohlen
- Mala - Da Wrath (Souljahz VIP Mix)
- Nijhof & Toonk - Untitled B1 (forthcoming release)
- Sonar Audio Research - The Aquarium

- ad-jap - Sine Waltz
- Anstam - Untitled (Track B1 from "Brom" 12")

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