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Rewire 2021 - first artists

The first artists and projects confirmed for the 2021 online edition of the festival, taking place from 6th - 9th May.

Over four days Rewire will present a multitude of projects and formats that demonstrate the varied ways artists have been creating and performing works under physical restrictions. The festival brings together artists and audience to create and share unique audiovisual and interactive experiences, alongside a discursive programme of talks, workshops and meditations that aims to critically address our festival theme of (Re)setting. (Re)setting explores processes of change and adaptation as they relate to sound, listening practices and our environment. In an increasingly fraught global context, we are constantly having to reorientate ourselves inside new situations and changing perspectives. Rewire 2021 offers a moment of pause to reflect on our contemporary arrangements, and seeks ways in which we can actively negotiate these structures on our own terms. The theme folds in our current context of the pandemic and how it has affected all aspects of our lives, including our health and our ability to create and connect to one another, as well as exploring the on-going process of Rewire manifesting online.

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