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Henry Greenleaf Selections

Henry Greenleaf picks out some of his favourite tracks ahead of Friday's event!

Some words about the releases from Henry himself!

1) DJ Swagger - Time to Duel (GODDESS)

Pick - Time to Duel: Fantastic club destroyer from the swag man - some people may have heard a different version of this tune but maybe that’s for a later date….

2) Piezo - jRj (Ansia) Unbelievably inventive tune with the greatest of all kick drum rhythms!

3) Mod Sens - DIME002 (Dimeshift)

Pick - Skum: Infectious groove from the good old days on one of the most exciting new labels around - wonder who they have coming up….  

4) Sub Basics - Hidden Sequence (MOSAIC)

Pick - Hidden Sequence: Deeper and deeper the new tracks Sub Basics has been making are gorgeous! The serially uploaded tracks on his SoundCloud are worth a serious dive too!

5) Surgeon - Crash Recoil (Tresor)

Pick - Subcultures: Top cut from a top album and top live show! I have no idea how he gets so much from so little! 

6) LCY - He Hymns (Fabric Records)

Pick - Sora: A seriously catchy tune with wonderful twists and turns plus a LUSH vocal.

7) LDS - algo5 (Bluehour)

Pick - kizzt_VF: Clawing for your undecided attention throughout this track has serious punch and fantastic sound design. 

8) Metrist - Pollen III (Timedance)

Pick - Level Lever Liven Love: Brilliantly tough beat with sound design that swallows your ears!

9) Henry Greenleaf - Dog Eared EP (YUKU)

Pick - Ithaca Vox: Why not include myself?! Ending the list with this track and hopefully ending the night with it too! 

  • cover art
    Time To Duel
  • cover art
    Piezo -
    Odd Hooks [ANSIA006]
  • cover art
    Surgeon -
    Crash Recoil
    Tresor Records
  • cover art
    LCY -
    He Hymns
  • cover art
    LDS -
    Blue Hour Music
  • cover art
    Metrist -
    Y Y Y MY
  • cover art
    Henry Greenleaf -
    Dog Eared
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