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a list of experimental musicians affected by the recent outbreak - please buy their music

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this is a continually expanding list of musicians who have all been severely impacted financially by tour cancellations due to the recent events and the associated travel restrictions. while not so large at the moment, this list will surely expand in the coming weeks. please send any recommendations via twitter to @adambdonoval order is alphabetical "If anyone on this list wishes to release a Bandcamp single to offset their touring income losses and needs mastering, please get in touch with @blackknoll, @taylordeupree, @stephanmathieu, @_SimonScott, @dietrichscho, @hebakadryy or @joshbonati. We are all banding together & offering free mastering for 1 digital single track per artist for the remainder of March. *For the sake of availability to other artists, please keep track length in mind* Strength in numbers, we are in this together!"

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