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Celebrating 30 years of cutting-edge experiments in sound, moving image, and contemporary theory, Sonic Acts Biennial 2024 turns for inspiration to, and takes its name from, David Abram’s seminal book – The Spell of the Sensuous (1996). Published around the same time as Sonic Acts was founded, the text originated the ubiquitous term ‘more-than-human’. Under its spell, the Biennial explores the web of relations – experienced and perceived through the ‘sensuous body’ – that evoke our rootedness in the larger ecology of earth beings. Unfolding over two months, with more than 50 live events in 15 locations across Amsterdam and online, the line-up incorporates pioneering international artists, musicians, filmmakers, thinkers, and creatives who tune into different ways of sensing and understanding our environment. This anniversary edition takes shape as a large-scale exhibition at W139 and Looiersgracht 60 art galleries, a multichannel sound programme, club nights, a symposium, film screenings, immersive installations, sound and field walks, workshops, and much more.

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    Sonic Acts Biennial 2024
    February 1, 2024
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    Sonic Acts Biennial 2022
    September 1, 2022